Fresh under $30: Summer Gear

We hunt day in and day out to bring you tons of vintage flyness. From polos to t-shirts and shorts we got you. Check out the slideshow below and hit the shop to get a fresh vintage kit. We load new gear all the time so check back often. We accept paypal and credit cards are processed securely through PayPal as well. Shipping is always included in the item price, via USPS Priority with tracking. Keep it Fresh!

Fresh Under $30

Vintage #WCW Denise Richards

Denise Richards stole our hearts and got a rise out of….uhm….us, in her “Wild Things” topless girl on girl make out sesh. Definitely a 90s hottie as you can see from our gallery above, although I’m still not sure how she married the Sultan of Booger Sugar, the Wizard of Weird, and the Keeper of Tiger Blood: Charlie Sheen. Yeah, she’s a #vintagewcw, and I’d still be ok with being Charlie Sheen’s kid’s stepdad, hmu Denise.

Vintage #WCW Tifani Amber Thiessen


She melted our hearts ealry Saturday morning as “Kelly Kapowski” on Saved by the Bell, and later in our teens she appeared on 90210. Always hot, from the 90s all the way to today. Check out the slideshow of her vintage hotness!

Vintage #WCW Tyra Banks


Tyra wasn’t always an annoying talk show host, in my day she was the most bangin’ model…period. Her curves were wild, in an age of waifish heroin addled models, she changed the game and let the world know, beauty has meat on its bones, and some titties too! Tyra was a regular on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and was on the cover of almost every style mag out there in the 90s. I don’t think we’d have a girl shaped like Kim K/West being idolized for her looks if a woman like Tyra didn’t pave the way first; changing how

we view beauty in the fashion industry, and as a society.

Vintage #WCW Alyssa Milano

#WCW Alyssa Milano

Ms. Milano was fire since “Who’s the Boss” days, but she’s still got it. Some of the young cats may know her from “Charmed,” (no wait, no one watched that) but either way she’s been a dream since the 80s, check the slideshow above for more.

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Freshemporium #pileofkit


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Mrfreshkick #pileofkit
@mrfreshkicks rocking the Billionaire Boys Club crewneck, vintage Lee Jeans, JCrew belt, Yankees NewEra fitted and some Air Max 95s. Too fresh.
Killahsafe #pileofkit
@killasafe rocking the Polo Indian Varsity Jacket, lo sweats, gothic P skully, and Nike Hauraches. Murderous.


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Vintage Brands on the Come Up

Everyone knows when they are out at thrift and consignment spots or eBay surfing, look for Champion jerseys, Polo Ralph Lauren gear and their various off shoot brands, i.e. Polo Sport, Polo Country etc (not US Polo Assoc though, c’mon, never do that), Starter jackets and clothing, too many too list really, but I’m going to showcase some brands that I’ve noticed celebs rocking, and also popping up on (fee)eBay lately.


Image courtesy of:
Image courtesy of:

Kani was on every rapper and in every hip hop video. You couldn’t watch The Box music network in the early to mid 90s without seeing Kani in a video. Crewnecks, t shirts, hats, jeans, they had it all, and it was so hot back in the day that it was being copied hard, so make sure you can tell real from fake while shopping. The crewnecks and hats especially have been moving on eBay, so if you are a seller, keep your eyes peeled. I’m looking for a crewneck myself, w a gold signature logo across the chest, in either red or black, just saying… L.

Cross Colours:

Cross Colours Vintage Clothing
Image courtesy of:

Cross Colors has been around since 89. They have relaunched recently for summer of 2014 with a fell new line, however, we are just interested in the vintage stuff for our purposes. Back in the day, Cross Colors was FUBU before FUBU was FUBU, you dig? They kept it for really real, crazy colors, lots of urban and African themes, t shirts, sweaters, jeans, jackets and hats were all a part of the vintage line. The main pieces I’ve noticed sell well are Jackets, Hats, Shirts and Sweaters; so…basically everything. I don’t know if the relaunch helped bring the old stuff back, but its banging right now, so buy up.

Nautica Competition:

Nautica Competition Clothing
Image courtesy of:

For a lot of people, Nautica went no where so it can’t be on the come up if it never left right? Well, yes and no. Nautica is a regular in the department stores, however, Nautica Competition gear from the 90s/early 00s is what is in demand. Big block text, huge logos, sportswear inspired cuts, that’s what’s selling, especially jackets, sweaters. It’s a lot less rare than a lot of Polo Sport and other competing brands of the day, mainly because their price points were lower than a lot of the aforementioned clothiers of that era. Lower price points probably brought about more purchases, and that’s why it is more prevalent today at the thrift, just a theory. Scoop up some windbreakers and zip ups if you see them.

Odds, Ends and Honorable Mentions:

Hilfiger Athletics Vintage Clothing

Obviously, good and loud Tommy Hilfiger and off shoot brands i.e. Hilfiger Athletics, are always good to go, and really never went anywhere but slightly fell off in popularity from the early 2000’s until recently, so stock up. ProPlayer and Logo7 get looked over a lot in favor of Starter, so watch the jacket racks. Also, a lot of people forget that vintage Nike, Reebok, Asics and New Balance sportswear items usually sell pretty well, and are nice pieces in general, crewnecks, track jackets, windbreakers and even hats are all moving right now, Happy hunting out there fellow vintage hunters and thrifters.