Vintage #WCW Stacey Dash


Stacey Dash….I mean, damn. She’s been straight fire since I can remember, stole the show from Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless,” and she’s still ridiculously hot today. Yes she’s had some work (on dem titties) but you know what? Who cares, because I bet her farts smell like tulips. Check her out in the slideshow above, or the video below for some live action hotness.


Tarantino Top 5


There are many great directors in Hollywood right now. Quentin Tarantino is basically legendary, and in film classes at universities across the country, he and his films will be studied for decades to come. Of any directors that have come about since the early 90s, Tarantino has such a unique and throwback style, that he has mass appeal across generational gaps, I mean I watched Pulp Fiction for the first time as a teen with my stepdad. The characters are verbose, the cinematography is awesome, and the fights/gun fight scenes are violent, bloody, and sometimes so radical they are funny. The following list is my top 5 picks of films that Tarantino has directed, so films he wrote or produced will not be on this list unless he was listed as the director. If you haven’t seen these flicks already, I’d highly recommend all of them.

5: Jackie Brown: Tarantino’s third successful film in the 90s, was basically a neo noir twist on 70s blaxploitation film. Heavily influenced by “Foxy Brown,” Tarantino even casted Pam Grier and Sid Haag from the 70s film to be in Jackie Brown. It’s a heist movie, with Tarantino deep dialogue, featuring: drugs, guns, crooked cops, girls, and of course a double cross.

4: Sin City: The only movie on this list NOT written by Quentin. Sin City started a whole new style in films, basically bringing comics to life and really making the movie feel like you’re reading the comic book. “300” and movies in this style have come since, and that’s thanks to the innovation of Tarantino. The movie itself is a noir drama with a super hero’ish twist. Very little color was used in the film except to accentuate violence. Great flick, solid story, and unique in style, the violence and gore just makes it that much better in my opinion.

3: Kill Bill 1 & 2: Kill Bill saga counts as one movie, that’s how it was originally intended to be released anyway. This is just an awesome revenge drama, done with some SICK fight scenes. This film has the “Crouching Tiger” feel in the fight scenes, but the classic Tarantino writing and character development; the dude can really do no wrong when he’s in the director’s chair. These films exposed a whole new generation to classic Japanese and Chinese films involving the protagonist fighting his/her way to the top to extract a great revenge.

2: Pulp Fiction: I mean….if you need me to say something about this movie, you probably shouldn’t be reading this.

1: Reservoir Dogs: This film put Tarantino on the map, and made him a household name. Heist film, ensemble cast, heavy and sometimes hilarious dialogue, incredible violence, and the propensity to use the word “FUCK” a lot. If you haven’t seen this movie, I won’t give anything away, but shame on you. I still can’t hear “Stuck in The Middle” without thinking about an ear being cut off by Michael Madsen…..oh shit….. late on the spoiler alert.