Fresh under $30: Summer Gear

We hunt day in and day out to bring you tons of vintage flyness. From polos to t-shirts and shorts we got you. Check out the slideshow below and hit the shop to get a fresh vintage kit. We load new gear all the time so check back often. We accept paypal and credit cards are processed securely through PayPal as well. Shipping is always included in the item price, via USPS Priority with tracking. Keep it Fresh!

Fresh Under $30

Prints in Spring/Summer ’15 Looks

Just like the early 90s, with neon and African inspired prints being the rage; this season is seeing a return of prints in many designer lines. Polo Ralph Lauren has brought some southwestern and nautical themed all over print shirts, pants and jackets for this year, and I’ve seen some pieces from Tommy as well. Just like everything, fashion is cyclical…so what goes around, comes around.


All over print shirts are easy to match up with just about anything, but can be dressed down to go with jeans, chinos, or shorts and some sneakers. If you work in an office, all over print shirts can easily be paired with a pair of dress pants and a wild pair of socks to set it off. Easy to rock, easy to look at, and they make you stand out in a crowd of bland single color shirts.

There’s always a clean selection of vintage all over prints in our shop, in numerous sizes, check the slideshow above for some choices we have available. But, if you wanted to buy new, you now have some options at your local department store as well.

The News that Mattered From MBNY Fashion Week

The biggest news overall was the surprise reveal, and consequent release of 9k pairs of Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 in the New York City area. Ye stole the show as this much anticipated announcement affected the Fashion, Music, and Sneaker worlds alike, love the shoe or not, it is definitely going to bring Adidas a new revenue source. Yeezy is really a marketing genius; dude was at every event possible, in his new signature shoe. He even went to a release and had a photo op of himself lacing youngster’s kicks up. Guerrilla marketing at its finest here, Ye was everywhere, and we were never there.

In other surprise news from Fashion Week, the long lost brand from Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport, is making a return to market this year for Fall. Surprisingly, Polo Sport will replace Polo Golf, and run alongside RLX. I’m not sure if that’s permanent, or if maybe the style of clothing for RLX will soon try to rival North Face/Patagonia, and Polo Sport will be a kind of “tweener/hybrid” line, only time will tell. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this shake up will bring us from Polo Sport and RLX respectively. Is Polo Sport going to be revamped, or will old logos, patches, and styles be used? How is the neck tag going to look? Will we get some Polo Sport Polo Bear action? So far just speculation as a full look book is not available, but STAY TUNED as we will break the news with pics as soon as we see more specifics from the Polo Sport line. Currently we only have a few pics of pieces courtesy of Ralph Lauren/GQ, but it’s exciting to see a favorite brand of mine resurrected; it’s almost like when Family Guy came back from the dead. See the slideshow below for a glance at the new Polo Sport, and leave any comments below!

#Pileofkit Highlights for January

We created the #pileofkit hashtag for people to show what they are rocking on instagram. This is our showcase of our readers, followers, and anyone who wants to show the world their style. Show us what you got and we can feature you in February, once we get more response and tags, this will occur twice a month, so tell your friends, and keep tagging!


mrfreshkicks pile of kit
@mrfreshkicks rocking Maize AJ7s, Hilfiger sailing gear vest with a Hilfiger belt, hat, and sweater to round out the kid. Saltue!
tharealflyty pileofkit
@therealflyty in his everyday gear, Polo head to toe, with the Playoff AJ8, and he even has the equestrian scarf. Too dope.
willmatic23 pileofkit
@willmatic23 in the Columbia AJ11, HUF socks, vintage Nike sweater. Fresh.
apompey137 pileofkit
@apompey137 rocking the Ralph Lauren flannel, with leggings and boots (#pileofkit isn’t just for men).
mr_sneakerjunkie pileofkit
@mr_sneakerjunkie in the AJ4 Thunder, Polo Sport mountain patch jacket, Stance socks.

Give everyone a follow on instagram, start tagging #pileofkit for a chance to be featured next month, and thank you to all that are tagging!

Janurary 2015 Jordan Releases

Sneaker lovers and Jordan heads, I know you’re excited for this months Columbia 4 release. First it was just a rumor, then they got the green light, and now we’re just a few weeks away from the actual release!

Image Source: Sneakernews
Image Source: Sneakernews

The shoe first made its debut in 1999, and this will be first so called “Remastered” Jordan of the year. Nike and the Jordan Brand are claiming this release will be the same as the 99, with the “same” materials as the original Columbia 4s. I haven’t seen the shoe in person myself yet so I can’t compare to the originals just yet. Either way, I’m excited as hell for this release and I know many of you feel the same way.

The Jordan 4 “Columbia” will be released on 1/10/15 and will run you $190 for a pair so mark your calendars. These are a for sure cop for me, how about you?

The ladies and team small foot are getting their own exclusive Jordan 4 next month. The Jordan 4 “Fuchsia,” will be releasing on 1/17/15.

Air Jordan Fuchsia release 1
Image Source: TheShoeGame

Featuring a black base, Fuchsia Force serves as the main vibrant call out here, but there’s also a glow aesthetic on the lining.  The shoe doesn’t look bad at all but if this was to released in men’s sizes, I would pass on them, it’s not a must have for me in my book.  I’m all for new colorways of Jordan’s, but we can’t have the same shoe releasing every year, and this is similar to a release from last year.

If you’re planning on buy these for your loved ones, these 4s will run you $140.
What are your thoughts on this colorway?

The Jordan 7 “French Blue” is making a comeback on 1/24/15. This colorway originally released back in 2002.

Jordan 4s Columbia release 2015
Image Source: Nicekicks

It released on the same day as the Raptor 7s, so if you picked the Raptor 7s over the French Blue back in 02 you get a 2nd go at it for retail. Next year is the 23rd anniversary of the Jordan 7 so we all know that it’s going to be a year of the 7. We can expect some of the old colorways like the French Blue and maybe some new colorways like, “Marvin the Martian,” coming our way in 2015. This will be the 2nd “Remastered” Jordan of 2015. This is a clean colorway in my opinion. I’m not big on white shoes or shoes that have a lot of white on them, but I’m definitely feeling these.

The French Blue Remastered 7 will be available in all sizes come release day. This will be added to my must cop list of 2015.  I own a few pairs of 7s and they’re really comfortable so they are a must.  If you are planning on copping a pair it will run you $190 before tax.

Ralph Lauren Has No Contemporary

When I’m out shopping; whether its thrift stores or department/discount department stores, I’m mainly looking for Ralph Lauren designed brands. There are many reasons as to why, but mainly because Polo by Ralph Lauren is just one of those brands that stand the test of time. Designs from the 80s/90s from either the Polo or Polo Sport lines are still coveted today, and actually highly sought after depending on the piece.

Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo Clothing

Vintage Polo is wanted a bit more than similar brands like Tommy or Nautica, by today’s collectors. In my opinion, it’s because Ralph Lauren uses patterns and design concepts that fit whatever style you tend to rock. Whether it’s the preppy get up, utilitarian style, sweat suit, basic jeans and t shirt, or full on office approved attire; Ralph (Lauren) has always had your back, and probably was ON your back.

The materials and patterns used for many designs by Ralph Lauren are the main reasons why we CAN find a vintage knit sweater or 20 year old t shirt in great condition today. Cotton and poly/acrylic blends are the mainstay materials of Ralph Lauren’s designs, and have been; durable materials make for stay power in terms of condition, especially of an older piece. Sure, previous owner care has a lot to do with the condition of a vintage item, but I feel that good quality workmanship and materials help to keep the pieces intact, thus providing a chance for an item to be appreciated by a second owner/collector.

I feel true blue “Americana” is style taken from the Northeast historically. The New York/New England area IS where America started as a nation, so style trends that represent that area, and people of the area’s interests (i.e. sports like Polo, Rugby, Golf, tennis, just to name a few) are captured every year in Ralph’s lines. In terms of clothing, Ralph Lauren and Americana are synonymous in my opinion. Use of the American Flag in designs, and the fact that Ralph Lauren has exclusive rights to US Olympic Team uniform production as well as contracts with the US Open, further enforce Ralph Lauren as the MOST prominent of American clothiers and designers.

It all started with a necktie boutique for Ralph Lauren, which has lead to a multi national, billion dollar company. A college dropout living the American dream, by releasing classically American inspired clothing every year; that is then purchased, worn, collected, and appreciated by people across the globe.

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Freshemporium #pileofkit


Here’s a couple great shots to give you an idea of what we are looking for as well.

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Mrfreshkick #pileofkit
@mrfreshkicks rocking the Billionaire Boys Club crewneck, vintage Lee Jeans, JCrew belt, Yankees NewEra fitted and some Air Max 95s. Too fresh.
Killahsafe #pileofkit
@killasafe rocking the Polo Indian Varsity Jacket, lo sweats, gothic P skully, and Nike Hauraches. Murderous.


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Nike Air Command Force “Spurs”

Air Command Force Spurs Nike Sneakers
Image Source:

The Nike Air Command Force is releasing the 2nd color way of this year. This time around it sports the old school San Antonio Spurs color way. The Admiral David Robinson wore these shoes in the golden era of basketball where there was no tic- tac fouls called by the refs; they let the big boys bang in the paint! Billy Hoyle, the fictional character from the “White Man Can’t Jump” movie played by Woody Harrelson also wore these shoes.

These shoes gave the big men maximum support and impact protection. Complete with its fully functional Air-Fit System. The Air-Fit System can be inflated by pressing the bladder (pump) located on the side of the shoe, and deflated to a desired fit and feel by press down on the housing on the back of the heel.

A lot of people out there claim you can only wear them playing basketball or rocking them in shorts. However, I’ve seen plenty of on foot pictures from people wearing them with jeans, sweats, and jogger pants and they look good. With all this Christmas shopping going on and keeping myself on a budget, I gave myself one more cop for the year and this is a very strong candidate to end the year with. I like how the shoe looks and love the color scheme on these even though I’m not a Spurs fan.

Sneaker lovers and Spurs fan are these a cop or a drop from you? Are these the best Air Command Force you’ve seen?

Nike Air Command Force “Spurs”

Colorway: Black/Wolf Grey-Hyper Jade-Hyper
Style #: 684715-001
Release Date: December 19, 2014
Price: $200

Vintage Brands on the Come Up

Everyone knows when they are out at thrift and consignment spots or eBay surfing, look for Champion jerseys, Polo Ralph Lauren gear and their various off shoot brands, i.e. Polo Sport, Polo Country etc (not US Polo Assoc though, c’mon, never do that), Starter jackets and clothing, too many too list really, but I’m going to showcase some brands that I’ve noticed celebs rocking, and also popping up on (fee)eBay lately.


Image courtesy of:
Image courtesy of:

Kani was on every rapper and in every hip hop video. You couldn’t watch The Box music network in the early to mid 90s without seeing Kani in a video. Crewnecks, t shirts, hats, jeans, they had it all, and it was so hot back in the day that it was being copied hard, so make sure you can tell real from fake while shopping. The crewnecks and hats especially have been moving on eBay, so if you are a seller, keep your eyes peeled. I’m looking for a crewneck myself, w a gold signature logo across the chest, in either red or black, just saying… L.

Cross Colours:

Cross Colours Vintage Clothing
Image courtesy of:

Cross Colors has been around since 89. They have relaunched recently for summer of 2014 with a fell new line, however, we are just interested in the vintage stuff for our purposes. Back in the day, Cross Colors was FUBU before FUBU was FUBU, you dig? They kept it for really real, crazy colors, lots of urban and African themes, t shirts, sweaters, jeans, jackets and hats were all a part of the vintage line. The main pieces I’ve noticed sell well are Jackets, Hats, Shirts and Sweaters; so…basically everything. I don’t know if the relaunch helped bring the old stuff back, but its banging right now, so buy up.

Nautica Competition:

Nautica Competition Clothing
Image courtesy of:

For a lot of people, Nautica went no where so it can’t be on the come up if it never left right? Well, yes and no. Nautica is a regular in the department stores, however, Nautica Competition gear from the 90s/early 00s is what is in demand. Big block text, huge logos, sportswear inspired cuts, that’s what’s selling, especially jackets, sweaters. It’s a lot less rare than a lot of Polo Sport and other competing brands of the day, mainly because their price points were lower than a lot of the aforementioned clothiers of that era. Lower price points probably brought about more purchases, and that’s why it is more prevalent today at the thrift, just a theory. Scoop up some windbreakers and zip ups if you see them.

Odds, Ends and Honorable Mentions:

Hilfiger Athletics Vintage Clothing

Obviously, good and loud Tommy Hilfiger and off shoot brands i.e. Hilfiger Athletics, are always good to go, and really never went anywhere but slightly fell off in popularity from the early 2000’s until recently, so stock up. ProPlayer and Logo7 get looked over a lot in favor of Starter, so watch the jacket racks. Also, a lot of people forget that vintage Nike, Reebok, Asics and New Balance sportswear items usually sell pretty well, and are nice pieces in general, crewnecks, track jackets, windbreakers and even hats are all moving right now, Happy hunting out there fellow vintage hunters and thrifters.