Sneaker Sit down, with @Johnnyzer00

JohnnyZer00 gets a lot of love AND hate with his grail splash pics specifically. Freshemporium sat down with Mr. Zer00 to learn a little bit about how it all started, and share some thoughts on the game and what it means to him.

Freshemporium: Johnny, what got you into sneaker/hip hop culture?

Johnny: I grew up with RUN DMC and Beasties, so my first fascination was Adidas Shell Toes. No laces/ fat laces like a boss! Then Jordan came along and everything changed, we all wanted to fly like Mike but parents didn’t want anything to do with that. I worked cutting lawns and doing just about anything I could in the summer of 88 to save up money to buy the Jordan 3. Three days before my 9th grade year, I walked into FootLocker and bought my size 9 Fire Red 3’s, threw them on my feet and walkedout……NEVER LOOKED BACK!


Freshemporium: What do you ACTUALLY like about the way things seem to be going on the major brand front?

Johnny: Some shoes from my youth are starting to come back, Etonics, Reeboks Pumps, Pony and so on. Thanks to the revival of the “culture,” companies are seeing the chance to make a little money.


Freshemporium: What would you change, if you could, about the upcoming release calendar for any and all, or just one brand?

Johnny: Biggest thing for me is JB being a self-described JordanHead I would love to see JB slow down on how many Retros they release. IMO instead of 1-3 Retros per month I’d like to see 1-3 per year!! Collections used to take years, maybe decades to build, but now thanks to JB’s greed ANYONE can build a decent little collection in 1 year.

Freshemporium: Which pairs you looking most forward to next yr?

Johnny: The “remastered” 4’s Colombia blues in particular!!

Freshemporium: What are your top 5 Models?

Johnny: AJ3, AJ4, AJ5, AJX and AJ12 low

Freshemporium: Any particular reason these are your favorite?

Johnny: AJ3 Mainly because it was the first pair I ever owned! To this day no other silhouette matches the purity that the 3 captures…IMO

Freshemporium: What’s your take on Kobe vs MJ?

Johnny: Kobe is a great player but he will never be MJ…period…End of discussion.

Freshemporium: Who’s your NBA team, what do you think of them/their chances this year?

Johnny: I grew up in Houston and to the day I die will bleed HTOWN!! Soooo ROCKETS!! Honestly I don’t know, years of heartache and heartbreak have left me gun shy!!

Freshemporium: Everyone wants to know, why the splash and how did you think of it?


Johnny: Oh gawd! Well I had seen a couple of water pics on IG but they all seemed to be straight up distilled water shots!! So I did some research on how I could capture that with my phone, after finding a really good app I tested it with some water in a bowl and I dropped a quarter into it. As it turned out you couldn’t see the water but you could read the date on the quarter!! I gave up on it but a few days later I was snapping pics in my Quai 54’s and I decided to take a reflection pic in a puddle and it hit me, TRY THAT APP AGAIN!!! I was nervous, but being those shoes are all leather I said fuck it!! I set up my phone and slammed my foot down!! The results were ok and my kicks were dry!! But the water was too clean so a few days later in my DB’5 the puddle was muddy so the pic turned out awesome!! Kicks never got wet and I started to feel more comfortable so I decided to try the Concords being that that shoe IMO was the start of all this hype! Well the rest is now history lol. It seemed the more I did it the more people got bent out of shape so it drove me to want to do it more!!


Freshemporium: How did it become such a phenomenon?

Johnny: KicksOnFire gave me a shout out showcasing 4 of my splashes then several other “big” pages followed suit! I went from 2,000 followers to 7,000 in one day! People understood the message and got behind it and next thing you know my pics are all over the place!! But the more my pics became “mainstream” then even more “bigger” accounts decided to do it and it went from rebelling /fighting the hype to the hype itself!!!