Vintage #WCW Denise Richards

Denise Richards stole our hearts and got a rise out of….uhm….us, in her “Wild Things” topless girl on girl make out sesh. Definitely a 90s hottie as you can see from our gallery above, although I’m still not sure how she married the Sultan of Booger Sugar, the Wizard of Weird, and the Keeper of Tiger Blood: Charlie Sheen. Yeah, she’s a #vintagewcw, and I’d still be ok with being Charlie Sheen’s kid’s stepdad, hmu Denise.

Review: Rogue Farms Good Chit Pilsner

good chit pilsner rogue farms

Here’s the thing about Pilsner (or “Pils” if you’re a douche); it’s the Toyota Corolla of beer. Pilsner is pretty similar around the globe, and just like your ’88 rusted out Corolla, a Pilsner is always there to get you rolling when you want a crisp and clean brew. Starting as a Czech farmhouse brew a few hundred years ago, Pilsner is now brewed around the world and in many styles, but the bubbly crisp taste is always there. Rogue did some unique stuff with this pilsner in the brew process; but then stuck with the throwback Czech yeast as a call to the past and bring it full circle.

Once poured, a two finger head rises, but then fades to nice thin drinkable layer with some lacing as swirled. Honey in color, with cloudiness that eventually settles, this glass just looks refreshing. You can definitely taste and smell the hops; which is a bit different than many traditional pilsners, but hey, I dig hops. Well, time to taste this jazz.

Yup, as expected, nice and clean upfront, semi citrusy flavor even, with a grit or kind of earthy tone (from the Rogue grown barley?) before the final crisp bitter at the end. Honestly this is a great summer brew, easy to drink, super smooth with just enough bitter to keep you sipping. A nice brew to have a few bombers and not be falling over drunk at your “bro’s frat party,” brah.

The Facts:
Beer: Good Chit Pilsner
Brewer: Rogue Farms
Brewed in: Oregon, USA
ABV: 6%
Rating: 8 of 10

Vintage #WCW Stacey Dash


Stacey Dash….I mean, damn. She’s been straight fire since I can remember, stole the show from Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless,” and she’s still ridiculously hot today. Yes she’s had some work (on dem titties) but you know what? Who cares, because I bet her farts smell like tulips. Check her out in the slideshow above, or the video below for some live action hotness.


Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2…But Why?


So, if you refer to our blog on May 2nd, well, we told you so. The ‘fight of the century,’ really was a bit too late for these two fighters. The powers that be in boxing want numerous fights for these guys on their way out towards retirement. Multimillion dollar deal times 3, sounds a lot better than a one off, not to mention, it’s boxing. Every major rivalry in boxing where guys were close in weight during their respective eras would lead to numerous sequel fights. It’s the nature of the beast.

Many people complained about the fight itself, the style and pace mainly. To that, all I can say is, have you EVER seen a Mayweather fight? He’s had 47 before this one. That is his style, make his opponent work and tire throughout the round, and then attack when opponent is tired. This makes combinations easier to parry and counter punching is like fighting an opponent who’s in slow mo; it’s just easier hitting a winded guy. To be mad at this fight and how Mayweather fought it is to admit you do not follow the sport.

The shoulder injury suffered by Manny prior to the fight is super convenient, in the aspect that it has already opened dialogue for a 2nd matchup. Frankly, a shoulder injury is never convenient, but now the argument is out there that, “well if Manny was 100% he would’ve won.” I’m not one of those people to believe the previous statement, but, for a fighter who sets up with his jab like Manny does, that would definitely make it difficult to throw combinations and hold a proper defense. I’m interested to see what happens with the 2nd go round, mainly to see the hype machine, because the buildup is guaranteed going to be better than the actual fight.

No one can be mad at Manny for not disclosing this injury information pre fight. If he did that, this may have never went down, and imagine how pissed the world would’ve been if an injury held up the fight. The casinos would have zero bets on a fight that didn’t occur, and big prize fights are big for Vegas; travelers spend loot all over town for a big fight night weekend. Stars and celebs, athletes, musicians, everyone is there along with their money, so if this didn’t go down I think it would’ve been a big letdown to many. Again, this injury gives people a solid reason to still bet on Manny, and because people will bet, Round 2 will be coming soon…You can bet on it.

Review: Breckenridge Brewing Vanilla Porter

I’m a fan of flavored porters and stouts…generally. With that said, I had high expectations for this beer. Once poured, the dark color was appreciated and I was ready for that smoky porter taste. The pint had a nice head and the aroma was fairly sweet. Here’s where it all goes wrong…


Once sipped, I was expecting a sweet flavor off the bat, with the sour/smoky flavor at the back, you know, like a traditional porter. I was sadly mistaken, the beer tasted light, I really am not sure why it’s called/considered a porter? There was nothing about it that would make me classify this as a porter, more of a dark ale with some flavoring. I hate to not be positive at all on a brew, but unfortunately I have nothing positive to say other than if this beer was free I’d gladly drink it. It has more of a “I’ll bring this to my grandma’s knitting circle for the ladies” flavor as opposed to a proper porter for a real live beer enthusiast, more malt less frill next time please.

Usually my beer reviews are a bit more verbose, but my review is half assed when the beer I drink is half assed, and other than giving this to the bride in a gift basket for a wedding, I don’t believe there is another purpose for it. If you want a porter that is traditional, then this beer is not for you. If you want an easily sipped beer while playing a game of washers with the homies on a hot day, then this may be alright, but I wouldn’t buy it again. This is the lowest rated beer I’ve reviewed on this site, and I was being generous, BUT, I will give the brewer another shot on a different beer later.

The Facts:
Beer: Vanilla Porter
Brewer: Breckenridge Brewing
Brewed in: Breckenridge, CO, USA
ABV: 4.7%
Rating: 3 of 10

May 2nd, 2015 is the Best Day in Sports…Ever

So by now, the hype machine has for sure let everyone know that the fight of the century (decade, in my opinion) is happening tonight. But, there is so much more going down all day, and here’s your guide for ruling the couch tomorrow.


(All times listed as CST)

11:00 a.m.: NFL Draft Rounds 4-7. I don’t know what to say except here is where the “dice rolls” by GM’s are made. Maybe your team needs a primo punter? Well if so, this is the time to watch the draft, enjoy the kicking battery picks.

11:30 a.m.: NHL Playoff Round 2 Game 2 action between division rivals Washington and New York. Washington took game 1, and these teams don’t like each other, so this will end up being a good watch, maybe even a pre Pacquiao/Mayweather fight could occur.

12:30 p.m.-8:10pm: Baseball. BoSox vs. the Yanks for a traditional rivalry, or maybe you want to tune into Detroit vs. Kansas City; I’m fairly certain KC has had more fights this year than Mayweather, and it’s only May.

5:24pm: The Kentucky Derby…live from…Kentucky. Well, I’m not a huge pony guy, so let’s just say that you can be sure there will be some horses running in a circle, some may not be as fast as others. I’m also fairly certain this event is held in Kentucky. Fair enough?

7:00pm: NBA Round 1 Game 7 has the Clips at the Spurs. Do the ‘Ole Spurs’ still have what it takes to win in the playoffs? Will CP3 and the Clip-Show come in and have an alley-oop dunk contest for the win? I’d bet on ‘Los Spurs’ ft ‘The Big Fundamental’ in a game 7, I mean historically that’s the safe bet. But this game will lead right into the big fight.

8:00pm: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao and undercard bouts. Well, this is what we all wanted (5 years ago). I really think it will be a split decision, no KO/TKO; this thing is going the distance so have your guacamole ready to be dipped hard. The fight is going to be a ‘scoring’ fight, a whole lot of holds and dancing and most likely not entertaining at all…but that’s because people like Bob Arum want a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2, 3, 4 maybe 5? This fight is what the world has wanted for so long, and after the last bell rings I think we are all going to wonder why we cared so much.

Saturday May 2nd, 2015 may go down in history, or even potentially infamy, but either way it’s a stupid busy sports day, and if you plan on leaving your living room, I hope it’s only for more beer, or to see “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Other than those reasons, I don’t see any other reason to get dressed and leave the house.